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Top 3 Prayer Points


  1. THANKSGIVINGThank God for using talents (even eccentric, story-crafting talents) to build His Kingdom

  2. HIS GLORY BE KNOWN: Ask Him to use video to broadcast and glorify His profound impact around the globe

  3. FUTURE MISSIONARIES: Ask Him to use video as a tool to wake up the church and stir the hearts of Christians to serve outside their comfort zone


  • Monthly supporters give Knok Studio the gift of reliable, financial stability

  • Knok missions are often scheduled years in advance, and to have financial stability towards the future allows us the freedom to strategize

  • Manage your donation anytime on Patreon

If you prefer to send a physical check, here is our mailing address:

Knok Studio

718 Griffin Ave #5

Enumclaw WA 98022

Knok Studio will mail you a tax deductible receipt every year.

No goods or services are rendered in exchange for donations.

IRS EIN - 45-4021000

Broadcasting Underground Ministry Stories


About Knok Studio

Founded 2010, Knok Studio is a collection of volunteer filmmakers who have traveled to over 33 different countries and produced 1,000s of films for nonprofits, ministries, and missionaries.  Films are published on the ministry's platforms or on Knok Studio's channels, including Amazon Prime, film festivals, and all social media platforms.

Broadcasting Underground Ministry Stories


Beau Chevassus

Founder of Knok Studio, Award winning film-maker, & Co-founder of Kalos Agon LLC. Chevassus founded Knok with a passion to produce the best, most affordable Seattle nonprofit video. Knok has since grown into a world-wide endeavor.


Hayden Wilkens
Vice President

Vice President of Knok Studio, Award winning film-maker, Founder of Five-Nine Films. "My goal is to glorify God, with videography, in a way that directly impacts the kingdom of God, & provides for my family." 

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