General FAQs

  • Non-profit: We are a non-profit, driven to serve first.
  • Talent: We recognize that anyone can push “record” with an iPhone. But we’re story-tellers and adventurers.  Experienced.  Creative.  And we hope it shows.
  • Affordable: We have low overhead and award-winning Ambassadors.
  • Passion: We are personally invested and driven to love our neighbor, just like the non-profits we serve.
  • Award winning experience: We have cross-platform experience in marketing, journalism, videography, photography, and graphic/web design.
  • Portfolio: From Seattle Washington to Togo Africa–we’ve done a lot.  A lot.

“Brand journalism” – Immersing the videographer as a journalist in the field with the goal of documenting the good work of the organization.

This contrasts with having a client come into a lighted studio, sit in front of a camera, and simply film a “talking head.”  While this can be effective, we have found organization’s supporters want to “see with their own eyes” the impact of organizations.  To see the story, to hear the people, to feel a part of the mission.

Knok Studio captures the story & mission behind the organization; we go beyond surface level.

Simply put, brand journalism is the most truthful and impactful form of marketing there is today.

We are supported in two ways:

  1. Generous friends and family of Knok. Please support us here!
  2. Through the charities and non-profits we help. They give back what they can.

The cost greatly depends on what the non-profit’s needs are… but rest assured as a non-profit, our costs are a fraction of what conventional for-profit studios charge.

We at Knok Studio will personally assist our non-profit clients and tailor a marketing strategy that fulfills their goals and doesn’t break their budget. We will ask questions like…

  • What kind of project would you like? Such as…
  • A short n’ sweet interview?
  • A short film capturing organizations in the field?
  • Is this project in Seattle Washington or Togo Africa?
  • What does success look like? (e.g. “Over 300 people have viewed our video!”)

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
– Matt 7:7

That’s why we say, “We’re the Knok that starts the conversation.”

The process is very simple.

  1. Knok Studio works with the non-profit to establish marketing strategy, goals, project type, and quote.
  2. The project is assigned to a Knok Ambassador.
  3. The Ambassador films the non-profit. Most of our Ambassador’s are wizards at editing, however if an Ambassador is uncomfortable with this, we can edit the film in-house.
  4. After 1-2 rough draft sessions, the film is delivered to the non-profit and broadcasted to Knok TV’s platform for the world to see the good work our charities are doing.

It’s totally awesome volunteering with us. We’re easy going, no contracts, high flexibility, and most of all, you’re applying your skills towards meaningful, exciting work.  Please consider applying your talents towards meaningful, exciting projects.
Check out the application.

Some of Ambassadors just film and then give us the footage (and then we edit in-house).  That’s perfectly okay.

However be aware that–while quality is important–capturing the message is what matters.  Some of our most shakey, hastily-made films have been the most impactful (and actually award-winning too!).

We are extremely friendly, easy-going people. There has not been one subject who has regretted being filmed.  Sometimes it takes 1 take–other times it takes 10.  You’ll find our lack of pressure tangibly refreshing.

We put people first.

Donation FAQs

Q. What percentage goes towards Knok's charitable cause?

A. And unheard of 95% of donations goes towards Knok’s charitable mission.

Q. For comparison, what do other charities spend on admin?

A. “A good, highly efficient, charity usually spends 75% of the money it raises on charitable programs and the remaining 25% on general administration and fundraising.” (American Institute of Philanthropy via Charity Watch).

Q. Why is a "Monthly Recurring Donation" so important?

A. We feel it’s wise to plan ahead. Budgeting for monthly support allows us to focus on our mission rather than fundraising. We greatly appreciate monthly support, no matter how big or small.

Q. When & how will I receive my tax deductible receipt?

A. You will receive your receipt via email, immediately after you click “donate now.” During tax season, for U.S. citizens, simple search your inbox to pull up all your Knok donation receipts.

Q. Where can I find if Knok is a registered charity?

A. We are held accountable by our governing Board of Directors and the State of Washington. Feel free to look up Knok on the Security of State database.

Q. Is this my donation secure?

A. Yes. No one sees your credit card.  We use, which authenticates every donation using a unique token ID. (See’s documentation)

Q. Can I donate by mail?

A. Absolutely. Here is a good mailing address:

Knok Studio
718 Griffin Ave, #5
Enumclaw WA 98022

We’ll send you a receipt.