Knok Studio Financials / 2011-

Transparency is key, especially when so many people are trusting us with their gifts. 

At Knok Studio, we are committed to allocating as much funding as possible towards our mission and programs.  While the low-end pay for nonprofit’s CEO is $120,000 (State of Washington, 2010, source) our goal is to serve others before ourselves. 

With that we find it extremely important to take care of our incredibly talented staff, volunteers, and their families. 

Years 2011 to current – Knok provides an annual 990 report to the IRS.
Knok Studio’s IRS Letter of Determination (official 501(c)3 status)
Knok Studio’s WA Security of State Charities Authorization

  • Knok Studio provides a service (media production) and compensates its staff or volunteers for said services.
  • These staff and volunteers are integral to fulfilling Knok’s charitable mission of producing media for other nonprofits churches and charities.
  • Thus it is our priority to support them and their families. 
    • Knok Studio charges $25-35/hour for professional services.
    • These exact professional services usually cost nonprofits $200-400 per hour.
    • Staff members who volunteer their time at discounted rates are the reason why we can charge so little to our fellow ministries.
    • To support these people and their families we allocate 90% of our funding towards their salaries and equipment needs.
    • The other 15% of our funding supports overhead such as:
      • Office supplies. (5%)
      • Utilities (e.g. internet). (5%)
      • Meals and travel directly related to mission work. (5%)
      • Fundraising (e.g. credit card fees, web-site) (5%)

Percentage towards Knok Studio overhead

Retrieved July, 2016