Our costs are 20% of typical video production

How do we cut costs?

  • 501(c)3 – We are in essence missionaries; incredibly kind and generous donors support our nonprofit studio.
  • Experience – We’ve been doing this for a long time; we know what to ask, what is important (and also what is not important). We don’t waste time, which you’ll see reflected in our impactful films.
  • Mavens – We know technology.  Ask any of us our opinion on the latest trend, and we will happily chat about it. Because of this we know what to buy (for cheap) while still delivering an incredibly high-quality product.
  • Relation – We can relate to the people we serve; we’re in the same boat as a nonprofit ourselves. Extremely limited budgets is a way of life for us, and we greatly appreciate those who serve us… we pass that gratitude along to those we serve.
  • Driven – Our work ethic is top notch.  We’ve all experienced a meeting that doesn’t really accomplish anything (good heavens), and we are far from that mentality. We don’t like twiddling our fingers… we calculate, anticipate, and then pull the trigger; there are stories to be told, and we only have a handful of years on this earth to tell those stories.  Let’s do it!

Non-profit video production:

That’s what we do best.

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We serve only nonprofits

Our non-profit video production is always different, affordable, and our videos turn heads. We have created 100s of films, from viral YouTube videos, award-winning festival films, to even in-house volunteer recruitment videos. We are experts in producing videos that transform our fellow nonprofits by telling their story. Conventional for-profit studios–while they produce wonderful films and are dear friends of ours–must charge quite a bit to cover their costs.  Knok Studio however is a nonprofit 501(c)3 studio, and we partner with talented volunteers and incredibly generous supporters to offset our expensive equipment costs.  Many of our clients are surprised when they hear we charge 50% of typical production studios… just enough to get by while still producing high quality, impactful videos.  Reach out to us, and perhaps we can lend a hand.