Our Top 3

  • Equip Storytellers

  • Find Truth

  • Broadcast Love

Our Values

  • Love Jesus

  • Do no harm

  • Learn from the Creator

  • Equip, send, & support creatives

  • Discover unheard goodness

  • Develop quality, true stories

  • Broadcast love

  • Build the Kingdom

  • Exercise Humility

We Are About

Our ministry’s mission is to mobilize volunteer talent to serve non-profit organizations, churches, and charities by capturing these charities’ stories, broadcasting their missions, and ultimately spreading the love of Christ.

What makes us different

There’s a lot of video talent out there; whether it’s a conventional studio or a volunteer with an iPhone.
Is Knok really the best bang for your buck? Absolutely.

What makes Knok Studio® different?

  • Knok repeatedly sees our videos being paid off within just a few days and sometimes hours.  Videos tell stories and stories drive support.
  • Knok is a non-profit 501(c)3—our goal is not to make a profit (as matter of fact it’s forbidden by the IRS).  We charge just enough to get by. Our ministry is supported by awesome donors.
  • Knok has a very fast turnaround time for our films; we average 2-3 weeks. We think it’s unfair to tell someone “We’ll get you your film in 4 or 5 months.”
  • Knok sends first drafts; some videographers send one final film and either you “take it or leave.”  That’s lame. We want you to be as excited about the film as we are.
  • Knok is autonomous; we set goals with our clients and run with it. While we may ask for feedback, at heart we are a creative bunch and don’t need babysitting. You can trust us.
  • Knok is not paid until the project is finished. Some studios require payment upfront (or sometimes 1/2). We don’t accept payment until you’re 100% happy with the work we’ve been asked to do for you.
  • Knok doesn’t require on-going, yearly contracts. We found some non-profits can’t afford yearly contracts. So we remain flexible and serve people on a project-to-project basis.
  • Knok wears many hats. We don’t just push “record” and walk away. We’re storytellers. Artists. Journalists. Filmmakers. Beards.* From 60 Minutes to YouTube, our stories turn heads because our non-profits have the most meaningful, most impactful stories in the world.

    Let’s tell those stories.

    *beards are available seasonally.

We Have a Story

Knok Studio’s wild concept was born from David Peterson and Beau Chevassus, two creative professionals who became fast friends while volunteering on a hospital ship in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Our story...

Peterson’s and Chevassus’ jobs were to document, through photo and video, the work of this hospital ship. The two friends saw the paramount importance of charities communicating their work (especially to donors).  They saw that non-profits knew the importance of communicating their work through media, but few of those non-profits could afford impactful studio work. Years later, Chevassus spearheaded Knok Studio®, a 501(c)3 non-profit, while Peterson applied his creative skills as a full-time employee with the hospital ship’s organization. Knok Studio® was originally designed to serve Seattle nonprofit video needs but has since taken its pool of award-winning creative minds all across the world, from Nepal to Africa. Join us!

Our Team

Knok Studio loves Jesus!


Savior & God | Reason for Everything

A few thousand years of experience under his belt, Jesus is the reason why we do what we do. He saves, loves, motivates, and forgives us.

Beau Chevassus image portrait Knok Studio Producer

Beau Chevassus

Producer | President & Founder

Founder of Knok Studio, Award winning film-maker, YouTube Partner (+28 million views & +25K subscribers), Co-founder of Kalos Agon LLC, Owner of Chevassus Studios, and Elder at Wabash Church. Chevassus founded Knok with a passion to produce the best, most affordable Seattle nonprofit video. Knok has since grown into a world-wide endeavor.

Hayden Wilkens five 9 nine films knok studio producer

Hayden Wilkens

Vice President

Founder & Owner of Five Nine Films, accomplished wedding videographer, traveler of Latin America

Jerry Chevassus - Knok Studio

Jerry Chevassus

Chairman of the Board | Service Development

Head of Store Development at New Seasons Market, previous Director of Retail Ops at evo, +25 years Store development at REI, served as Youth Director and elder for Wabash Church, adventurer and outdoors-man.

Scott Vanlant - Knok Studio

Scott Vanlant

Board Member | Sales & Marketing Development

+20 years Sales & Marketing experience, Equipment Specialist Benco Dental, long-time youth leader with Wabash Church, and high-end earthscape designer.

John Skaanland - Knok Studio - Film for nonprofits, churches, and charities

John Skaanland

Board Member | Media Development

Blue Bridge Church, Production & Communications Director, web design sensei with Well Dressed Walrus, and graphic artist. Viral video star.