We produce amazing Benevon videos for nonprofits, churches, & charities.

Knok Studio® is a very unique non-profit, 501(c)3.  We help non-profits, churches, and charities by capturing their message and impact through film.  In short, we produce non-profit videos.  We feel that video is the most powerful way of communicating passion to the most amount of people… and we give that gift of communication to churches, charities, & non-profits.

People do beautiful things for God and their neighbors, however…

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…we found the vast majority of impact is communicated face-to-face.  Granted sharing a message “word of mouth” is extremely powerful but wildly limiting, especially if only sharing with 1 person at a time.  That’s why we started Knok Studio.  While all churches and charities start in the grassroots (word-of-mouth) the next level of communication is video.  Video touches everyone; the introvert, the extrovert, the hipster in Seattle, the North Korean defector, volunteers, even potential donors.  While extremely affordable (less than 1/2 of conventional studios) we see our clients pay off video costs extremely quickly due to their impact.  That’s why we started Knok Studio; to capture magnificent stories so the world may support more miracles. Join or support our wild ministry.

From the war-torn beaches of Sierra Leone to the rainy back-alleys of Seattle, Knok Studio captures impact and broadcasts love.

Our $300 video fundraised $23K.

Helping Hand House

The drone shots were stunning.

Wabash Church

Sheesh, grab a box of kleenex!

The Bridge of Hope


Our costs are 1/2 of conventional studios for the same outstanding story telling skills

Explainer Film

$ 650

per short film production

  • 1 HD Film, up to 5 mins long
  • Perfect for sharing online
  • Ideal for testimonial montages or quickly explaining programs
  • Locally filmed, one location


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Mini-doc FundraiserFavorite

$ 1750

per short film production


  • 1 HD Mini-Documentary film, up to 5 mins long
  • Indefinite shots (montage)
  • Perfect for sharing online & fundraising presentations
  • Locally filmed, 1-3 locations

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Full-length Doc or 4 short filmsMost impactful

$ 7450

per production or 4 short films

  • 1 HD Documentary film, up to 25 mins long
  •           or 4 short films (6 minutes max)
  • Indefinite shots (montage)
  • 2 person crew
  • Ideal for sharing your entire story, impact, and mission without any accompaniment. May also be used for presentations, DVDs, conventions, church presentations, Bible studies, etc.
  • Filmed in the field, multiple locations

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Explainer Film

Explainer Film

World Outreach Ministry Foundation

Mini-doc Fundraiser

Mini-doc Fundraiser

Operation Restore Hope

Full-length Doc (truncated example)

Full-length Doc (truncated example)

Kids of Burkina

Genuine stories are captured on-location… never in a stagnant studio space.

Really anyone can push “record” on their phone. But we have:
• The spirit of a journalist. • The eye of a film maker.• The heart of a missionary.
We’d love to tell your story.

We’ve Crafted Films for

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