Knok Studio® is a charity film studio.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit that produces film for other ministries & nonprofits.


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Our fans see the need to give hurting do-gooders a voice
All donations go towards these films for these forgotten people

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We produce videos for nonprofits, churches, & charities
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"Our $300 video fundraised $23K."

Helping Hand House


  • Knok Studio® is a very unique a non-profit, 501(c)3.  We mobilize creative talent, partner with generous donors, and go to the four corners of the earth as evangelical videographers.
    • We are ‘hired’ by other non-profits to craft, arrange, & tell their stories through video. Being a nonprofit ourself, our pricing is bare minimum.
    • We identify those we find in the field who have no voice. We produce free films for these people. Example: missionaries isolated in West Africa.
    • We produce highly economical audio Bible Players—both miniaturized and solar powered players.

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People do beautiful things for God and their neighbors, however we have found the vast majority of impact is communicated face-to-face.
Granted sharing a message “word of mouth” is extremely powerful but wildly limiting, especially if only sharing with 1 person at a time.  That’s why we started Knok Studio.  While all churches and charities start in the grassroots (word-of-mouth) the next level of communication is video.
Video touches everyone; the introvert, the extrovert, the hipster in Seattle, the North Korean defector, volunteers, and donors.  That’s why we started Knok Studio; to capture magnificent stories so the world may support more miracles. Join or support our wild ministry.

From the war-torn beaches of Sierra Leone to the rainy back-alleys of Seattle, Knok Studio captures impact and broadcasts love.

We produce powerful Benevon videos for nonprofits, churches, & charities.

"Sheesh, grab a box of kleenex!"

The Bridge of Hope

Comparing apples to apples, Knok Studio’s production costs are 30-50% of conventional for-profit studios.


Not included in below pricing: 1. Travel costs (e.g. plane flights) and 2. Other customized additions (e.g. high-end animation, voice-over narration, etc).
Reach out to us & we’ll give you an accurate estimate:
Hint: Give us an example video (e.g. YouTube link).

Knok Studio is a nonprofit; we’re in it to serve, not make money. Of course there’s high-end equipment, licensing, and groceries to buy for our families, but we always keep our estimates bare-minimum.

Explainer Film

$ 650

per short film production

  • 1 HD Film, up to 5 mins long
  • Perfect for sharing online
  • Ideal for testimonial montages or quickly explaining programs
  • Locally filmed, one location

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Mini-doc FundraiserFavorite

$ 1750

per short film production


  • 1 HD Mini-Documentary film, up to 5 mins long
  • Indefinite shots (montage)
  • Perfect for sharing online & fundraising presentations
  • Locally filmed, 1-3 locations

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Full-length Doc or 4 short filmsMost impactful

$ 7450

per production or 4 short films

  • 1 HD Documentary film, up to 25 mins long
  •           or 4 short films (6 minutes max)
  • Indefinite shots (montage)
  • 2 person crew
  • Ideal for sharing your entire story, impact, and mission without any accompaniment. May also be used for presentations, DVDs, conventions, church presentations, Bible studies, etc.
  • Filmed in the field, multiple locations

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The spirit of a journalist The eye of a filmmaker The heart of a missionary


QMissions – Children at Risk Project

QMissions – Children at Risk Project

Sva Rang, Cambodia

Plateau Outreach Ministries – Four Programs Highlights

Plateau Outreach Ministries – Four Programs Highlights

Enumclaw, Washington

WonGeneration – Kids of Burkina

WonGeneration – Kids of Burkina

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso